MicFlip's reversible micro USB will end your cable frustrations

Sometimes a product comes along that is so ingenious and so simple, that you wonder why it has not been invented before. The MicFlip USB cable is one of these products.

New Jersey based company WinnerGear has created a winner with its answer to one of the tech world's annoyances: How to plug the cable into your device and get it inserted the right way up first time.

MicFLip's reversible micro USB will end your cable frustrations ZDNet

USB users have been waiting for a gadget like this. MicFlip is a reversible micro USB cable.

MicFLip's reversible micro USB will end your cable frustrations ZDNet

Instead of inserting the USB cable into the device, discovering it is upside down and trying once or twice more, the MicFlip can be inserted at any angle. A brilliant idea.

Plug the cable in first time around and get connected. How great to have no more irritating moments trying to work out if the cable is inserted the correct way up.

The MicFlip just works.

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WinnerGear surveyed people and asked: "what would you change about your micro USB cable?"

A whopping 75 percent of people said that they wished the plug at the end of the cable was reversible.

25 percent of people questioned wanted a more durable cable so the MicFlip cable is covered in a flexible braided nylon sheath.

The connections are also gold plated to prevent corrosion.

Today the company announced that it had raised over 1120 percent of its campaign goal on Indiegogo and is planning to ship the first orders of the cable to investors.

It had planned to create a reversible standard USB (Type-A) plug. Unfortunately loss of connectivity was an issue in the Type-A plug meaning that the first dual-ended reversible is still a little way off.

When that ships it will be very, very cool indeed.

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