Micro-segmentation, Big Data and 1010data

Big Data tools often require that analysts already know what they're looking for when setting up data gathering and statistical analysis. 1010data developed a micro-segmentation wizard to make that process easy.

Tim Negris, VP of Marketing at 1010data introduced me to his company's latest tool to help researchers automatically segment and analyze huge collections of data quickly and easily. 1010data is calling this new tool "the Micro-Segmentation Wizard."

One of the bigger challenges analysts face when dealing with Big Data warehouses is that often they must know what they are looking for before they can develop the applications to process the huge amounts of data their data warehouse contains. This makes it difficult to them to achieve one of the goals for gathering such large amounts of data. Since their goal is often to develop insight into patterns previously not seen or understood, they're faced with developing process after process to tease out hidden patterns.

After having seen the company's demonstration of its beta software, it is clear that a business analyst who is familiar with the basic data categories can easily and quickly specify the collection to be gathered, what statistical operations to be run on that collection of data and then review models created by those operations.

If your company is considering the use of Big Data techniques to help find hidden insights in its retail, financial, demographic or other databases, it would be good to ask 1010data for a demonstration or an invitation to be part of the beta test process.