Micro Warehouse prepares European assault

Micro Warehouse is planning to ramp-up its UK and European catalogue operations with the help of a massive war chest of marketing money worth $120 million.

The company is predominently running under the Mac Warehouse brand in the UK, but sources close to the company have confirmed that the US mail order giant will aim to gain substantial market share under the Micro Warehouse brand. That will include a national advertising campaign.

Mac Warehouse bought Technomatic in the UK in August 1995, when it realised that the UK Mac market was not quite as healthy as in the US. The company had problems integrating Technomatic, forcing parent Micro Warehouse to take hits to its profits. Now the European PC market is on a go slow and sources reckon the big mail order firm is waiting for the expected upturn in the market later this year.

Micro Warehouse director of production Jimmy Edgerton knew nothing about the plans and suggested it was just rumour. "It might equate to the total marketing spend for all catalogues next year and advertising, but I don't know anything about activities above that line."