Micron doubles capacity of NVDIMM memory

Larger capacity NVDIMMs means dramatically increased throughput and improved total cost of ownership.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributing Writer
​Micron Technology 32GB NVDIMM-N

Micron Technology 32GB NVDIMM-N

At the SC17 show, Micron Technology has announced new 32GB NVDIMM-N modules that double the capacity offered by existing NVDIMMs.

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NVDIMM-N modules combine standard DDR4 RDIMM memory with flash storage, which not only improves performance but also allows data to be recovered when the system is rebooted in the event of power failure.

The new Micron module - listed as MTA36ASS4G72XF1Z - 32GB - features 32GB (4 Gig x 72) of DDR4 RDIMM and 64GB SLC Flash, and is quoted as having a bandwidth of 23.47 GB/s and a data rate of 2933 MT/s.

"As data sets get larger and larger, data access becomes increasingly critical to application performance," said Tom Eby, senior vice president for Micron's Compute and Networking Business Unit. "Our new 32GB NVDIMM-N equips system architects with a high-capacity persistent memory solution that can dramatically increase throughput and improve total cost of ownership."

Both VMware and Dell are working with Micron to improve the performance of NVDIMMs for virtualised applications. Virtual persistent memory allows customers to run multiple operating systems in a virtualised environment while reducing overall network traffic.



"As the global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, VMware recognized early the significant reduction of database and local storage latencies that Micron NVDIMM-N can bring to our virtualised customers using Dell PowerEdge servers," said Richard A. Brunner, chief platform architect and vice president of Server Platform Technologies at VMware, Inc. "Using the 16 GB NVDIMM-N from Micron for the Dell PowerEdge 14G servers, a future version of VMware vSphere intends to efficiently grow the number and size of virtualised persistent memory workloads in the data centre while ensuring the benefits of live migration, check-pointing, and legacy storage optimisations for NVDIMM. VMware looks forward to the improvements that can arise when the server industry starts deploying the new 32 GB Micron NVDIMM-N to our customers."

"Persistent memory solutions enable our customers to optimise intensive database and analytics workloads," said Robert Hormuth, vice president and fellow, Server Division CTO at Dell EMC. "Micron's advancement in persistent memory offering and Dell EMC engineering efforts to enhance NVDIMM capability of PowerEdge servers will boost application performance, reduce system crash recovery time and enhance SSD endurance for our customers."

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