Micron launches new enterprise solid state drive amid data center chase

Micron's latest launch of enterprise solid state storage drives comes a week after Sandisk delivered a nice first quarter as it takes more of the datacenter pie.

Micron Technology on Tuesday launched new enterprise solid state drives as Flash memory players chase datacenter profits.

The company launched the M500DC SSD, which comes in capacities of 120GB to 800GB in 1.8-inch and 2.5-inch boxes. Micron is hoping that its latest SSD gives it more data center share. Companies are increasingly moving to solid state infrastructure for big data and analytics workloads.

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For Micron, the appeal of enterprise SSDs is obvious. All you have to do is look at Sandisk's first quarter. Client and enterprise SSD sales accounted for 28 percent of Sandisk's first quarter revenue. Meanwhile, enterprise SSD revenue doubled in the first quarter from a year ago. Sandisk's quarter topped expectations and the company raised its outlook.

Sanjay Mehrotra, Sandisk CEO, said:

We have focused on leveraging our deep system capabilities, coupled with enduring benefits of our vertically integrated model, to bring substantial revenue to Enterprise customers. We're helping customers accelerate applications, reduce certain costs of ownership, and build a more resilient infrastructure with our Enterprise solutions.

Last month, we announced our CloudSpeed line of SATA SSDs with a broad set of new offerings that have been designed to deliver business-critical performance, tailored to customer application workloads. The varied use case scenario for Enterprise SSDs are becoming increasingly prominent in data centers and in cloud computing environments.

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Now it's Micron's turn to make a similar pitch. Micron called its M500DC an "important evolution" in its portfolio. The drive is designed for transactional databases, virtualization — which eats up a ton of storage — big data and content streaming. Micron said it has a high reliability architecture, dubbed XPERT, to extend drive life.

Some analysts have noted that storage vendors — notably the solid state storage specialists — could be a good way to play cloud computing and big data trends. Datacenters will have to have faster access to storage. For instance, Mehrotra said on Sandisk's recent earnings call that "enterprise SSDs will be our fastest-growing product category."

Sandisk is chasing the hyperscale computing market with its SSD storage and Micron wants a chunk of that market too.

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