Micron shows off DDR PIII chipset

Copperhead to strike entry-level Pentium III servers later this year

At the Intel Developer Forum this week, Micron Technology is demonstrating its prototype chipset for Pentium III servers using DDR SDRAM memory, a high-speed memory standard going head-to-head with the more expensive Rambus RDRAM championed by Intel.

The chipset, codenamed Copperhead, is based on a 1997 chipset for the Pentium II called Samurai. It is designed for entry-level servers, with customer samples on the way for the first half of this year and production to follow later in the year, according to Micron.

The company said it is not going after the chipset market, but is instead trying to stimulate demand for DDR. "Copperhead demonstrates Micron's commitment to provide our customers with resources to develop system-level products taking advantage of emerging DRAM technologies," said Jeff Mailloux, Micron's director of computing and consumer, in a statement.

Compaq last week became the largest PC maker yet to adopt DDR, introducing a desktop based on the new technology.

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