Microsoft: 1 million Windows 8 Consumer Preview downloads in day one

Windows 8 Consumer Preview was downloaded a million times in its first day of availability.

Microsoft officials said there have been more than 1 million downloads of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview a day after the company released the code to the public.

The Softies announced the numbers via a tweet from the Building Windows 8 account on March 1.

Microsoft released the Consumer Preview (a k a the one and only beta) on February 29 around 9:30 a.m. ET. Anyone can download the Preview bits from the Microsoft site. Microsoft has shared hardware guidelines for those wondering if their existing PCs will run the Preview build.

One of my twitter chums (@fmartin_garcia) provided a couple of related links today that might be of use to those interested in Windows 8 test builds. He posted a link to the  34-page Windows 8 Consumer Preview guide. And here's where you can get the Windows Embedded Standard 8 Community Technology Preview (CTP) build (via Microsoft's Connect site).

Finally, if you're one of those already missing the familiar WIndows Start button in your Windows 8 Consumer Preview, Stardock's already got an app for that....