Microsoft adds $150 million to their latest datacenter

Micrososft continues to invest in new datcenters and their global cloud infrastructure.

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnel announced today that Microsoft would be increasing their investment in their latest datacenter, in Mecklenberg County, VA, adding $150 million to the planned $499 million investment to create a datacenter to support growing cloud operations.

Adding 21 Mw of power capacity to the site and upgrading the planned service infrastructure, Microsoft will also be adding 10 jobs on top of the 50 on-going positions planned for the datacenter. From a technical perspective, Microsoft is able to add additional computing power fairly easily. The site is built around Microsoft's IT-PAC (pre- assembled components) modular datacenter architecture, and with that type of infrastructure growing the facility, especially as it is designed to use this specific infrastructure model, is a relatively simple matter of adding additional PCs to the facility. 

Each PAC can be configured for a specific role and this means that the additional capacity can be tailored to the demands that Microsoft sees being placed on their global cloud infrastructure. The PACS themselves are completely self-contained IT components, with a cooling infrastructure designed to draw in outside air, be it from external sources or in an environmentally controlled facility.

Microsoft's original $499 million planned investment was the largest single corporate investment in the history of southern Virginia and the follow-on finding would seem to indicate that the combination of climate, local government, and access to key intersections in the mid-Atlantic region networking infrastructure work in Microsoft's favor in developing a major technology center.