Microsoft and Apple: The Christmas grinches

While Microsoft is sitting on profits well in excess of US$2bn, and Apple is looking at profits comfortably in excess of US$1bn, neither company could find the time or the staff to answer the Christmas call

Ebeneza Gates: "We have a Website"
It seems this year Microsoft was too busy to give Santa the sales pitch and would rather direct him online for any information he might want about Windows products. "Unfortunately, there is no one available to comment on your question. However, I have included a couple of links with information to assist you," said a Microsoft employee, directing Santa to the Windows and Windows 20000 Web sites. Apple: We can't convince ourselves
At first Apple was very keen to pitch Santa their operating system this Christmas as it was the first company to respond back in mid-November. "Thank you for inviting Apple to participate in this exciting pitch. Let's hope that we can convince at least a few of those unionised Elves," said the company. But when the crunch came Apple was unable to come up with the pressies. Eventually Apple got back to us, for Santa, with a disappointing "We have explored every possible option and unfortunately, we cannot get anything to you".
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