Microsoft and Canon cross license mobile, imaging patents

Microsoft and Canon are cross licensing their respective mobile and digital imaging patent portfolios.

Microsoft and Canon announced a cross-licensing patent agreement on July 2 which involves an undisclosed number of primarily mobile and digital-imaging patents.


Neither company is disclosing the details of the agreement.

"This agreement covers a broad range of products and services each company offers, including certain digital imaging and mobile consumer products. Microsoft and Canon have a long history of collaborating to bring high-quality, cutting-edge products to consumers, including color technology," according to the Microsoft press release about the deal.

Today's patent agreement isn't the first forged by the two companies. Canon previously licensed Microsoft exFAT file system technology for an undisclosed amount.

Today's agreement also is not part of Microsoft's ongoing campaign to convince companies using Linux, Android and ChromeOS to license its patents. Nikon announced an Android-related patent licensing deal with Microsoft in February 2013.