Microsoft announcement coming -- and it's not about Yahoo

Microsoft is set to make some kind of "significant" announcement on February 21. I'm betting it has to do with the European Commission. Here's what little we know so far....

Microsoft is set to make some kind of "significant" announcement on February 21.

Here's what is known so far:

* It is something that involves a bunch of Microsoft's top brass: CEO Steve Ballmer, Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie, Server and Tools boss Bob Muglia and chief counsel Brad Smith.

* It is not about Yahoo.

Whatever it is will be announced today at 11:30 a.m. EST.

Guesses? Could it be something pertaining to the European Commission's probes into possible new antitrust cases against Microsoft. Maybe Microsoft has convinced the EC not to push forward with new suits?

Microsoft has been posting to its download site since yesterday all kinds of server communications-protocols-related documentation and licensing agreements. Microsoft got in a lot of hot water over the past few years with the European Commission over its refusal to make its server communication protocols available in a timely manner to companies who wanted to make their products interoperable....

Update: is saying that Microsoft is going to pledge not to sue open-source companies whose software connects to Microsoft's. That would explain why Microsoft is posting communications-protocol licenses, too.

I believe whatever is happening is occurring in Europe.

What's your guess?

Update: The announcement is all about interoperability.