Microsoft announces Windows Server 2008 R2

At the Professional Developers Conference, the company said virtualisation will be a key feature of the second release of Windows Server 2008

Microsoft has released details of the upcoming second release of its Windows Server 2008 operating system at its Professional Developers Conference in Los Angeles this week.

The updated OS includes a range of new features, including support for web applications, better virtualisation and improved scalability and reliability.

Virtualisation will be a key feature of the new OS, with Microsoft announcing that Server 2008 R2 will include 'Live Migration', a feature which allows users to move a virtual machine between two computers running Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor. Microsoft said that the new version of Hyper-V shipped with Server 2008 R2 will include better management features.

Microsoft also said that Server 2008 R2 has many features specifically designed to work with client computers running the upcoming Windows 7, including better usability and accessibility.

According to the reviewer's guide published on Microsoft's website, Server 2008 R2 will be available exclusively as a 64-bit OS.