Microsoft Azure, United Technologies to partner on IoT, field and customer service, smart buildings

United Technologies, which is behind brands such as Otis, Carrier, and Pratt & Whitney, will use Microsoft's Azure platform and software as part of its digital transformation effort.

How big data powers digital transformation

Video: How big data powers digital transformation

United Technologies, which makes everything from elevators to aerospace engines, said it will use Microsoft's Azure platform and Dynamics 365 as a core part of its digital transformation efforts.

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The goal of the partnership is to bolster customer service and offer personalized experiences. For Microsoft, the United Technologies deal represents another large company betting on Azure to enable digital transformation. Microsoft recently announced a partnership with Steelcase.

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According to United Technologies, the Microsoft partnership will enable it to optimize customer service, field service and sales.

Key initiatives include:

  • Otis will use Dynamics 365 CRM for its service and sales teams. The customer data will be combined with data from equipment for predictive maintenance.
  • Pratt & Whitney will use Azure for field service, sales and marketing.
  • UTC Aerospace Systems will use Azure for predictive maintenance of aircraft systems.
  • UTC Climate Controls & Security will use Azure for its connected facilities efforts. Those efforts cover the Carrier heating and air conditioning systems and play into smart buildings and smart city trends.

Here's a look at how United Technologies is looking to transform its Otis elevator service operations with timelines.


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