Microsoft Build: Live blogging the Day 1 keynote

Here's our live blog of the Day 1 keynote from Microsoft's Windows 8 developer conference in Anaheim, Calif. Join in and comment along with us!

It's finally Day 1 of Microsoft's long-awaited Build conference -- the event touted as the big reveal for developers around the coming Windows 8 platform.

As a number of us independent bloggers often do, we're doing a group live blog of the keynote this morning.

The Day 1 keynote kicks off at 9 am PT and is slated (no pun intended) to run about two hours. The feed for the live stream of the blog should be on the Windows Build site.

A number of us bloggers -- Ed Bott from ZDNet; Kip Kniskern from LiveSide.Net, Rafael Rivera from WithinWindows; Paul Thurrott from the Windows SuperSite, Tom Warren from; Long Zheng from and yours truly, will be live blogging and commenting on today's keynote. Join in and comment along with us on our live blog below:

<a href="" mce_href="" >BUILD keynote 1</a>