Microsoft CEO: Windows Phone sales will 'ramp up quickly'

Microsoft's CEO says that Windows Phone 8 will become a strong third player in the smartphone marketplace.

Can Microsoft's Windows Phone become a competitive player in the already concentrated smartphone market?

windows 8 smartphone competition ceo says ramp up quickly

According to Reuters, Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer has said that because Windows Phone 8 will be launched with its partners -- including Nokia -- the handset is expected to become a competitive, strong third-player in the market, and sales will be fast.

At a Windows 8 operating system launch taking place in Israel, Ballmer said:

"With the work we have done with Nokia, HTC, Samsung and others ... there is now an opportunity to create really a strong third participant in the smartphone market. We're still relatively small ... I expect the volumes on Windows Phone to really ramp quickly."

The two rival players in the smartphone market are Google's Android operating system, and Apple's iOS. The iPhone, Google's Nexus and Samsung's Galaxy models are top competitors for consumer interest, and Microsoft's push into the smartphone market has been made to try and steal some of these competitor firms' marketshares.

However, Microsoft will still need to knock BlackBerry off its perch before competing with the larger guns in smartphone development. Leslie Nassar, technology director at digital agency Amnesia Razorfish, says that "outside of iOS, [Windows 8] absolutely has that most consistent, innovative, and intelligent user experience that I've seen," but Kate Carruthers, corporate IT consultant and founder of Social Innovation, sees the offering as too little too late on the tech giant's part.

Microsoft's CEO also mentioned that Microsoft plans to extend their marketing campaigns around the Windows 8 operating system, the recently-launched Surface tablet and Windows phone. The investment made in advertising is expected to be more than for any other product Microsoft has launched.

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