Microsoft chops price on Surface Pro 3 tablets -- again

After cutting prices last month, the company is now offering either $100 or $150 off most configurations. The price on the base model remains unchanged, however.


At the beginning of February, Microsoft started offering $100 off most versions of the Surface Pro 3 tablet -- for a very limited time. That time grew, however, and later in the month, the company also started discounting the base configuration as well as instituting a trade-in program for older models.

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Apparently, that wasn't good enough for Microsoft, as it's now back with another round of discounts on its flagship tablet. As with its original deal, it isn't offering any price reduction on the base model, which remains at $799. All other versions, however, receive a price break, including a bigger one on the higher-capacity configurations.

You can get $100 off the 128GB Surface Pro 3, which will now run $899. That means you can jump from the base version's Intel Core i3 processor and 64GB of storage to a Core i5 and twice the capacity for just $100 more.

If you choose a 256GB or 512GB Surface Pro 3, the discount jumps to $150 off the original price. The Core i5 model with 256GB SSD now runs $1,149, while the Core i7 flavor runs $1,399 and the Core i7/512GB edition now tops off at $1,799. All versions -- including the base model -- come with a free sleeve.

While the free sleeve offer ends on April 5, there's no indication as to when the new price cuts will no longer be available. The sale would seem to precede the announcement of the Surface Pro 4, which has received no official introduction but has been speculated about recently. Those rumors include the use of Intel's new Broadwell processors and the incorporation of the forthcoming Windows 10.

If you can't wait for a Surface Pro 4, then you might appreciate the price reductions if you're in the market for the Surface Pro 3. Are the discounts enough to get you to buy one, or do Microsoft's constant sales mean it's priced too highly to begin with? Let us know in the Talkback section below.