Microsoft cutting Zune Pass cost by 33% with no more free songs to keep

Microsoft is reducing the Zune Pass monthly fee from $14.99 to $9.99, but is also no longer going to offer the 10 free songs per month option.

A few weeks ago there was information that Microsoft was changing Zune Music Pass terms and now we see that they have confirmed several changes that include dropping the price $5 per month. I am a major Zune Musc Pass fan and have an annual subscription that provides me with 10 songs per month to keep. Starting next week, on 3 October, the $14.99 Zune Music Pass offering with 10 songs will no longer be available to new subscribers.

While I do like that I can keep 10 songs a month, I rarely ever do anything with those songs other than listen to them on my Windows Phone or Zune HD and about 1/2 the time I forget to "purchase" the songs anyway. I prefer to stream music or download it through a subscription (you still get unlimited downloads with supported devices) so this new Zune Pass program now matches all of the other $10/month mobile music clients like Spotify, Slacker Radio, Rdio, and more.

Canada will also be getting access to the Zune Music Pass on 3 October so our friends to the north can enjoy what we have here in the U.S.

Microsoft also revealed that streaming music videos will be coming to the Zune Music Pass and their PC software. Later this year you will be able to stream these videos to a Xbox 360.