Microsoft Developers Conference: MS pledges to Internet-enable all products

Microsoft this week detailed its bid to put its software at the heart of distributed computing, rolling out a huge developer program with the Internet at its centre.

The announcements came at the Professional Developers Conference attended by 3,500 visitors in Long Beach, California. Paul Maritz, group VP for applications and platforms, said Microsoft will spend over $1 billion in its 1997 fiscal year on research and development.

Maritz said Microsoft will Internet-enable all products and use Internet protocols to make Intranet and groupware features ubiquitous. "The Internet grew up around our feet like grass and we had to respond to that," he said. Jim Allchin, senior VP for desktops and systems, said the conference was "the most important we have ever had".

Microsoft can be contacted by telephone on 01734-270001.

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