Microsoft fills Pocket PC 2002 upgrade holes

Users who upgraded their iPaqs to Pocket PC 2002 have been waiting for five weeks to get their hands on two key applications
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

Microsoft has released two applications for its Pocket PC 2002 operating system that were missing from "upgrade" versions of the software -- five weeks after the operating system upgrade first became available.

Last month Microsoft released software that upgraded older Compaq iPaq handheld computers to the Pocket PC 2002 OS, but two key applications were missing: MSN Messenger and Terminal Services Client (TSC).

The applications were included in the ROM (read-only memory) of new devices based on Pocket PC 2002, but older hardware doesn't have as much ROM, so some applications were released for installation into the device's RAM (random access memory). However, Messenger and TSC were not among them, and Microsoft's top Pocket PC "evangelist" told users, "No one should upgrade a Pocket PC with the assumption that Terminal Services Client or MSN Messenger will ever be available."

Users complained, however, and Microsoft quickly announced it would release the applications by the end of the first quarter of this year. Some users had bought older iPaqs in the expectation that they could upgrade to Pocket PC 2002. The Microsoft evangelist admitted that there had been "confusion" within the company over whether the applications would be released.

Messenger allows users to have online conversations with other Messenger users, and TSC is used for controlling remote PCs. Both are now available on Microsoft's Web site.

The download is considerable, however, amounting to about 10.5MB for both applications. Once installed, the applications each take up less than 1MB on the device.

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