Microsoft fixes Surface 2 BitLocker prompt error

Microsoft has issued a fix for a BitLocker prompt error affecting users with second-generation ARM-based Surface 2 devices.

Microsoft has issued a fix for a BitLocker-related problem affecting Surface 2 users .


Some users of Microsoft's ARM-based Surface 2 devices have been complaining that when resuming or restarting their devices from sleep, they have been prompted to enter their BitLocker recovery keys. For some, the problem was occuring every time they attempted to power up their Surface 2s; for others, the problem was intermittent.

On January 6, Microsoft released an update to fix this problem. The update is available for download via Windows Update.

According to a Microsoft Support page, this update does not replace any previously released Surface 2 updates. Users may be prompted to restart their devices after applying this update.

First-generation Surface RT devices and Intel-based Surfaces were not affected by this BitLocker problem/glitch.

Surface Pro 2 users still do not have a patch or update for the battery-life drainage issue caused by a December 2013 Surface Pro 2 firmware update . Microsoft subsequently pulled that faulty update and said a fix would be coming after the holidays .

Next week is Patch Tuesday, so maybe we'll see a fix by then. So far, no fix and no update from Microsoft as to when the Surface Pro 2 battery issue will be resolved. (I asked again today in case there's new word. If I get an updated statement, I will add it.)

On the bright side, however, some users who have been returning Surface Pro 2 devices due to the faulty firmware update have been provided with replacement models with slightly faster Haswell processors .