Microsoft launches Apple-baiting PC vs. Mac site

In an apparent attempt to reverse the effects of Apple's long-running Mac versus PC campaign, Microsoft launches a site that suggests among other things that PCs are more fun.
Written by Chris Matyszczyk, Contributor on

Perhaps it was the sight of Justin Long and John Hodgman wafting into the night, dragging their jokes behind them, that made Microsoft feel a little bolder.

Yes, now that the "Get a Mac" campaign seems to have been retired by Apple, Microsoft has launched a touching attempt to reverse some of Apple's sweet and amusing put-downs.

Microsoft's new creation is a site called "PC versus Mac". Yet if you're looking for a joke or two as you weigh up your options, you will have to search very, very hard. There are no images of bespectacled gray-bearded men in loose Levi's. There are no stray comments about antennas or fanboys.

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