Microsoft launches News Pro for iOS, relevant news for work

While there are plenty of news apps available for mobile devices, News Pro from Microsoft aims to provide work-related news instead of serving you gossip from the latest reality stars.


I typically hit up Apple News, Flipboard, and Yahoo! News on my devices in order to see what is going on in the world. Microsoft Garage just released a news service app, powered by Bing News, called News Pro with a tagline of "hyper-relevant news for your work."

Microsoft News provided the initial information on the release with more details at the Microsoft News Pro website and on its Twitter account. The service is available as an iOS app and also as a web application from your browser.

Thanks in large part to Microsoft apps for iOS I keep finding the iPhone 6s Plus serving as my primary smartphone. Outlook recently received a major iOS update and we continue to see more and more Microsoft apps for iOS.


After installing the app on your iPhone, the first step to personalize your news feed is to sign in via either LinkedIn or Facebook. Similar to other news services, you then select the types of news you wish to see. Microsoft News Pro calls these "industries" so you go through and select the industries you want to follow.

Choices include IT, design, real estate, education, staffing and recruiting, entertainment, and more. One major category I am used to seeing in these types of services is sports, which explains why this is more focused on work than entertainment, politics, and other such news.

News sources will also be suggested based on your LinkedIn and Facebook interests. After just a few minutes of using it, I'm pleased with the focus of this service and look forward to more testing and development.