Microsoft launches several OneNote improvements for iOS, Android, Windows, and OneNote Online clients

OneNote is a powerful cross-platform application and Microsoft just rolled out several improvements for multiple platforms.

(Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft software helps make my Apple iPhone 6s Plus a great business phone. One of the key apps I use daily is OneNote and now we hear of more OneNote improvements coming from Microsoft for iOS, OneNote Online, Windows, and Android.

iOS improvements

One of my favorite features of OneNote on my Surface Pro 3 is the ability to include recordings in OneNote. The latest update for iOS adds the ability to include recorded audio. This can be a very helpful feature for students who want to record classes or those who want to capture and archive audio memories.

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Microsoft also includes 3D Touch support in the latest iOS update. If you have an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus then you can 3D Touch on the OneNote icon and quickly create a new note.

Android improvements

Similar to the Facebook chat heads that float on your Android smartphone display, you can now use badges with OneNote. The badge floats on the display after you launch it from the notification area. This means you can easily add notes while multi-tasking on Android.

The update for badge support may take two to three weeks as Microsoft rolls out support in phases.

Windows improvements

OneNote 2016 now supports embedding online video into your notes. OneNote supports YouTube, Vimeo, and Office Mix.

Microsoft states that more video sources will be added in the future. Embedded video is now available for Office 265 Home and Personal. It will be coming to OneNote Online, Windows 10, Mac, iOS, and Android in the coming months.

OneNote Online improvements

File attachments are now supported in OneNote Online. As Microsoft states on the Office Blogs page, this can be very helpful for both students and teachers.