Microsoft or Google: Who helps economy more?

Who is a friend to the economy: Google or Microsoft?

All eyes will be on Bill Gates in New York City next week when Microsoft officially launches Vista and Office 2007.

Not coincidentally, a few eyes (including mine) will be on Adam Bosworth, Google vice president, as well, when he addresses the NYC technology community on “Physics, Speed, and Imprecision: What Works and What Doesn’t in Software, and Why” at the downtown Manhattan Googleplex.

A Microsoft commissioned study puts forth “the release of Windows Vista will help strengthen the more than 16,000 New York IT companies that will produce, sell or distribute products and services running on Windows Vista”: 

In New York, each dollar of Windows Vista-related revenue earned by Microsoft in 2007 will generate more than $19 in revenue for the ecosystem beyond Microsoft. We expect that in the first year of Windows Vista shipments, this ecosystem will sell more than $7 billion of Windows Vista-related products and services in New York.

What about Google’s impact on the New York economy?

The recently opened east coast headquarters is the second largest Googleplex (after Mountain View) and employs about 1000 Googlers. Google, however, has not published any studies aimed at gauging its economic ripple effect in New York. 

Google’s revenues trail Microsoft’s and its third-party ecosystem does as well.

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