Microsoft posts Service Pack 6 for NT 4.0

NT leaking? Just patch it up again...

Microsoft on Wednesday afternoon posted the sixth service pack for Windows NT 4.0 to its Web site.

SP6 for Windows NT 4.0 affects Workstation, Server and Enterprise Editions of Windows NT 4.0. Although the service pack consolidates new patches and all patches from Service Packs 1 through 5, Microsoft designates this pack as optional.

As before, four service packs are available: two each for Intel and Alpha processors, with each processor pack having separate versions for 40-bit or 128-bit security.

As in the past, users can download the entire 34.5MB file, which is useful for updating multiple computers. Users with one computer should download the stub file, which downloads the remaining pieces of the service pack. Users can also order a CD-ROM that contains the complete service pack, the latest version of Internet Explorer and other NT tools.

The pack will be available starting Wednesday evening. Expect long delays during the first few days, due to the large number of downloads.