Microsoft promoting Windows 8 launch with free Wi-Fi in NYC, San Francisco

Microsoft has teamed with Boingo to offer free Wi-Fi in crowded areas in New York City and San Francisco.

Microsoft has inked a deal with Boingo Wireless to sponsor free Wi-Fi access at select Boingo hotspots across New York City and San Francisco.

Why? To promote and celebrate the launch of Windows 8 later this month.

It's also another way to introduce the Windows Store for Windows 8 to both developers and consumers being that the Wi-Fi hotspots are based on Boingo’s Cloud Nine media platform, a global advertising network designed to enable advertisers to reach target audiences through Wi-Fi sponsorship.

Free Boingo Wi-Fi is already ready for use at hotspots in tourist hubs in both cities, including Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood and San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf. Starting on November 1, Microsoft will extend the promotion to more than 200 Wi-Fi hotzones across Manhattan.

The free Wi-Fi access will be available at these hotspots through the end of 2012.

For reference, Windows 8 will launch on October 25 followed by Windows Phone 8 on October 29 .

Microsoft will also be opening up more than 30 holiday pop-up stores across the United States and Canada starting on October 26.