Microsoft pulls Office beta version after leak

Schtopp! Schtopp! this application is not ready yet...
Written by Joe Wilcox, Contributor

Schtopp! Schtopp! this application is not ready yet...

A testing version of the next iteration of Microsoft Office has been withdrawn from the software giant's website, but not before it revealed details of the new suite. Microsoft inadvertently provided developers and enterprise customers with early access to the second testing version of the next version of Office. Office 2003 Beta 2 was posted on its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) website on Wednesday, with access available to individuals or businesses subscribing to the service. But Microsoft later removed the software, following an inquiry. With availability of the new beta, Microsoft also accidentally revealed that the official name for the product, code-named Office 11, would be Office 2003. On Wednesday, a Microsoft representative was stunned to hear that Office 2003 Beta 2 had been posted on the MSDN website. He initially declined to comment, being caught off guard by the early posting. Later he said that Microsoft removed Office 2003 Beta 2 from the MSDN website. The spokesman did not reveal how many people downloaded the software, which according to the website was posted around 20:00(GMT). Microsoft pulled the software a little more than six hours later. The spokesman said: "We want to make sure we have all the materials ready, so that people have the best experience with the beta." He confirmed it is "the final build" and added: "We're still on track to ship the beta by the end of the quarter." On Tuesday, Microsoft notified Office 2003 beta testers that they would receive their kits within the next couple of weeks. Last week, sources familiar with Microsoft's Office product strategy said testers would receive Beta 2 in March.
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