Microsoft refreshes Outlook.com with advanced rules, new undo options

Microsoft will be adding new rules and undo functionality to its Outlook.com Web mail over the next few weeks.

Microsoft's Outlook.com Web mail is getting new features, including more advanced rules and a new undo option, officials said on May 13.


The new Advanced Rules add more controls for users in terms of how their email messages are sorted, filed and moved. Users will be able to create multi-condition, multi-action rules. The new rules will include options for time constraints, email tallying, checking read/unread email state and more.

Microsoft also is adding a new option to simplify undo options in a range of commands. Users can undo mistakes made when deleting, categorizing, flagging, marking as junk and more by either clicking the undo button, or typing Ctrl+Z.

Outlook.com users also are getting new in-line reply functionality. Users will be able to respond to e-mail threads without launching a new view.

These three sets of new features all will start rolling out to Outlook.com users today and continue through the "next few weeks," Microsoft execs said.

Speaking of updates, Microsoft also announced on May 13 that it is beginning to update its OneDrive for Business with a handful of new features, including Simple Controls, Site Folders and smarter Search.

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