Microsoft reissues OneDrive for Business update

UPDATE. A non-security update that was quietly pulled last week because of bugs has been quietly re-issued.

Updated on September 17: Microsoft has reissued an update for OneDrive for Business that it had pulled from distrubution last week.  Microsoft had released the non-security update on the September Patch Tuesday just a few days before.

The updated KB (2889931) says that users may use Windows Update to obtain the update, but we don't see it there. Nor do we see it on Office Updates from where the original version of the update was distributed. Users can download the update directly from the KB.

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This update was one of 18 non-security updates for Office released on Tuesday. The update itself included "stability and performance improvements" for the OneDrive for Business client program for Windows. The KB article describes an error message for a bug the update fixes and another bug related to the synchronization of the Favorites (Links) folder to a network share. 

This update applies only to OneDrive for Business, not the consumer version of OneDrive, which is a very different product.

KB2889931 also gives file names and dates for the updated version. The file which was updated (groove.exe) still has the same date as before, but a new version number. It was also digitally signed on September 12, proving that it is more recent than the withdrawn version.

So far this is the only indication of problems with the September updates.  Several of the August updates were problematic  and had to be withdrawn by Microsoft. It was only on September 2 that  they were all re-released .

Hat tip to Windows IT Pro.