Microsoft responds to Google ... again

Google and Microsoft continue to duke it out in public over patents.

Isn't it great when two multi-billion dollar corporations duke it out in public? This is what's currently going on between Microsoft and Google, via blog posts and Twitter.

The duel began when Google's  SVP and Chief Legal Officer, David Drummond launched an attack on Android rivals, claiming that they are using ‘bogus patents‘ to stifle the mobile OS.

It didn't take long for Microsoft to respond to Google accusations. First up was Brad Smith, Microsoft General Counsel, who revealed via Twitter that Microsoft had asked Google if the company wanted to enter into a joint bid for Novell patents (the patents that Drummond was referring to initially) and Google had said declined the offer.

The Frank Shaw, Microsoft Head of Communications entered into the fray, posting an email from Google to Microsoft proving that Google had turned down the offer to make a joint bid for the patents.

Case closed ... or was it?

Drummond then posted an update to his original blog post claiming that Microsoft's offer was a trap intended to prevent Google from using those patents to defend itself against litigation. 'We didn't fall for it' claims Drummond.

Confused? Well, it gets better! Now Microsoft's Shaw reenters the bun fight once again, this time with four tweets aimed at Drummond:

It's quite clear that by going public both Microsoft and Google are hoping to win hearts and minds of supporters (and perhaps stir up the fanboys). However, it does seem that Microsoft is trying to do the right thing here (reducing patent liability) while Google wants to accumulate patents in order to wield them against others.