Microsoft revives 'I'm a PC' ads

Microsoft has revived its 'I'm a PC' ad campaign, and this time, rather than Apple being the target, it's people running old Microsoft software.

Microsoft has revived its 'I'm a PC' ad campaign, and this time, rather than Apple being the target, it's people running old Microsoft software.

Here's the ad, in case you missed it last night:

According to a statement released by Microsoft, the ads are there to target those folks who believe that their aging, decrepit, 4+ year old PC is 'good enough' (the fools ... ):

The ads feature real couples who thought their old (4+ years) PC was “good enough” being surprised to find a Personal PC store built out in their homes. One half of the couple was in on the plan to surprise the other. The couple even received a new PC of their choosing at the end of the experience. The couples, when face-to-face with the breadth of PCs available, are happy to discover the unparalleled variety of features, power, eye-popping colors, textures and designs of Windows PCs. Through the ads you will see each family discover the wide variety of style and software benefits that a new Windows 7 PC can bring to their everyday life.

PC sales are in a hole, and people are throwing their money at tablets so Microsoft needs to come up with a way to persuade people that their old PCs are no cool and no longer up to the job (and that your partner will kill you if you make them use that old thing any longer).

One thing that did strike me about this ad is the approach that it takes. Rather than focus on the features in Windows, Microsoft is selling something outside of its control - the PC form factor ("So there is no tower anymore?").

Expect this to be the first of many ads that follow this format.

As an aside, I first watched this ad on my iPad ...

Whaddya think? Does this make you want to spend money on a new Windows PC?