Microsoft rolls out updated Parature customer-care release

Microsoft's new Parature customer-care release, part of its Dynamics family, includes more than 30 new features.

Microsoft is making available on January 7 what it's calling the "Spring '15" release of its Parature customer-care offering, part of its Dynamics family.


The latest update includes more than 30 new features, officials said. The updated Parature release is deeply integrated with Dynamics CRM and shares the same user model and access model as the other Dynamics online services.

The latest release is customizable by users and adds support for Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn as new "channels" for customer self-service.

The Parature Spring update was originally codenamed "Phoenix," but later changed to codename "Rigel," Microsoft officials said. Phoenix originally was slated to debut by the end of calendar 2014 as part of Microsoft's fall wave of Dynamics products, according to a leaked Microsoft roadmap. The next update to Parature (now codenamed "Atria"), along with Dynamics CRM, Social Listening and Dynamics Marketing is scheduled for Q2 2015.

Microsoft acquired Parature in January 2014 for an undisclosed amount.

The latest Parature release is set to be available in 50 markets worldwide in more than 10 languages. Microsoft is making Parature widely available through its reseller partners as of this release, as well as directly from Microsoft as part of its Online Services portfolio.