Microsoft sets release date for Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 is slated to appear nine days before Microsoft launches Windows 10, the Windows 10 SDK, and the Universal Windows App Development Tools on July 29.

Microsoft has announced that Visual Studio 2015 will arrive on July 20, nine days before the arrival of Windows 10, the Windows 10 SDK, and the Visual Studio Universal Windows App Development Tools on July 29, 2015.

Developers who are actively working on a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app will need to hold off for nine days before downloading Visual Studio 2015, which was originally codenamed Visual Studio 14.

Microsoft said that the release version of Visual Studio 2015 will not work with the pre-release versions of the Windows 10 SDK and Universal Windows app tools, telling users in a blog post that they will not be able to develop a UWP app in the downtime between releases. Instead, Microsoft recommends that users wait until July 29 to install both updates, and to continue using the Visual Studio 2015 RC that is already in circulation until this date.

Once both programs are downloaded, the company said that users can continue working on their Windows 10 apps and targeting the UWP with no interruption.

Alternatively, those that will not be working on an UWP app before the end of July will only be required to uninstall the beta Windows 10 SDK, if installed, before updating.

As Visual Studio 2015 is only available to those running Windows, Microsoft has developed a cross-platform solution for those who prefer working on Linux or Mac OSX machines, called Visual Studio Code. It has been in public preview since it was launched at the company's 2015 Build conference in April this year.

Visual Studio Code supports languages such as C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and LESS. The program also has built-in debugging and simplified Git source control.