Microsoft: SharePoint is 'viral,' the real Facebook for the enterprise

Microsoft's Kevin Turner on SharePoint: "It's viral in most companies. It's become the Facebook for the enterprise."
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor on

Microsoft's Kevin Turner was channeling Salesforce.com chief Marc Benioff for a few minutes at the company's financial analyst meeting.

Turner, operating chief for Microsoft, was walking analysts through Microsoft's key businesses. After all, the business software unit is thriving. After a rundown of successes, Turner broke out the SharePoint love.

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He said:

SharePoint is the fastest selling commercial business product of all time in the history of Microsoft. Fastest to a billion dollars. It's viral in most companies. It's become the Facebook for the enterprise.

And it's absolutely got tremendous momentum that pulls a lot of the Microsoft suite with it.

If you've been following any of the collaboration and social enterprise companies, SharePoint is a common punching bag. Meanwhile, Benioff is looking to make Chatter the social enterprise standard.

Who knew everyone was dying to be the Facebook of the enterprise?


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