Microsoft SkyDrive app released for Windows Phone and iPhone

Microsoft has released both Windows Phone and iPhone apps to access SkyDrive files in the cloud.

Hot on the heels of the release of a new Onenote app for the iPhone, the folks in Redmond are releasing a SkyDrive app for both Windows Phone and the iPhone. The SkyDrive app makes it possible to access all files in a user's cloud-based Windows Live SkyDrive, complete with sharing capability.

It is not surprising to see the Windows Phone app for SkyDrive, since that is Microsoft's mobile platform. The simultaneous release of the iPhone app for SkyDrive demonstrates how seriously the company takes its need to be multi-platform with its products.

The apps may be available by now, or will be in a few hours according to information we have been given. Take a look at the video below that demonstrates the features of the SkyDrive app for the iPhone.

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