Microsoft slashes Surface Pro prices in Europe by €100 – for good

Will a €100 permanent price cut on Surface Pro be enough to convince Europeans to buy Microsoft's tablet?

Microsoft made its August price cuts to the Surface Pro permanent today in the US , and the good news for Europeans is that price cuts are finally flowing across the Atlantic.

In May, when Microsoft launched the Surface Pro in Europe, it could not be found anywhere on the continent for less than €770 .  While Europeans also received the $150 price cut on Windows RT ARM-based slates that their US cousins got, when a price cut for the Surface Pro was introduced in North America in August, Pro prices in Europe never wavered.

That changes today as Microsoft ushers in new starting prices on its premium tablet in Europe: the prices for both the 64GB and 128GB Pro have been cut to around €100 less than at launch , and meaning the 128GB model now costs roughly the same as the 64GB model did before the price cuts came in. In addition, the cost of Pro covers is also coming down.

In the UK, an £80 permanent price cut on the 64GB model Pro will see the price fall from £719 (€848) to £639, while the 128GB model, which launched at £799 (€942) now costs £719 (€747).

In Germany and France, the 64GB Surface Pro falls €100 to €779, while the 128GB Pro's new price is €879, down from €999. Consumers in Austria, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain will see the same price cuts.

In Italy, consumers get a €110 cut on the Surface Pro, meaning the 64GB Surface Pro now costs €789, while the 128GB model will cost €889, down from €999. And in the Netherlands, prices have fallen €100 for the 64GB and 128GB models, which will cost €786 and €886, respectively.

Surface Pro prices in Switzerland have fallen between around €83 and €81. The 128GB model is available for CHF 967 (€785), down from CHF 1,059 (€860), while the 64GB will now cost CHF 859 (€697), down from CHF 959 (€779).

The cuts are rolling out to Scandinavia too. In Denmark, where prices have fallen by 700DKK (€93), the 64GB Pro now costs DKK 6,099 (€817), down from DKK 6,799 (€911). The 128 model costs DKK 6,799, down from DKK 7,499 (€1,005).

Norwegians get the equivalent of a €63 cut on the 64GB Surface Pro, which falls from NOK 6609 to NOK 6,099 (€752), while the €73 cut on the 128GB model means a new price of NOK 6,799 (€838), down from NOK 7,390 (€913).

Sweden is still the costliest place in Europe to buy a Surface Pro, but instead of a hefty SEK 7,895 (€920) for the 64GB Pro, it costs SEK 7,095 (€811). The 128GB version, once SEK 8,695 (€1,013), is now SEK 7,895.

The Surface Pro price cuts come as Microsoft ramps up its Surface channel reseller program across Europe , hoping to boost its appeal amongst enterprise buyers that also want additional services such as asset tagging, custom imaging, kitting, onsite service and support, device recycling and data protection.

ZDNet's Jo Best contributed to this report.