Microsoft Surface Pro 3 users: Go get a new Surface Type Cover now

I cancelled my Surface Book order and switched to a new Type Cover to use with my Surface Pro 3 instead. It's a move I recommend other Surface Pro 3 users make too.


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I ordered a Microsoft Surface Book, but after further discussions with ZDNet's Kevin Tofel and reading the Surface Book reviews I cancelled that order and bought the new Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint ID.

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I understand that the Surface Book is a first generation device and that there are likely going to be some issues early on, but the reports of BSOD, wobbly displays, unbalanced laptop mode, and short clipboard battery life scared me a bit. The Microsoft Surface Book is very expensive and it has to be fantastic at the high selling price.

My Surface Pro 3 truly is the best computer I've ever owned. I use it during meetings in tablet mode to take notes in OneNote, commute with it daily, and like the integrated kickstand. I know one pound is not a lot of weight (the difference between a Surface Pro 3 with keyboard and Surface Book), but you can feel it when commuting and traveling and I continue to be blown away by how compact my Surface Pro 3 is.


The new Surface Pro Type Cover works with the Surface Pro 3 and since the Surface Pro 3 doesn't support Windows Hello eye scanning technology, I bought the model with a fingerprint scanner that works with Windows 10. My black, actually appears to be a dark gray, Surface Pro Type Cover arrived yesterday and I wrote three articles with it.

The total area used by the keys is the same as the previous Type Cover, but the keys are slightly smaller and have spacing around each key so it is easier to strike keys without hitting others inadvertently. The keys also seem to have just a bit more tactile feedback when pressed in.

In addition to the key spacing, the trackpad is significantly larger on this new keyboard. I may actually start using some of the multi-finger gestures supported in Windows 10.


I paid the extra $30 for the keyboard with fingerprint scanner since I grow tired of entering my PIN in all the time to use my computer. After attaching the keyboard I expected an option to setup the fingerprint scanner to appear, but nothing happened.


Open up Accounts>Sign-in options and then scroll down to the Windows Hello section of your settings. Select the set up button under the fingerprint scanner option and then walk through the process. I setup my two index fingers since that seemed the most natural for the way I use my Surface Pro 3.

There aren't revolutionary updates in the Surface Pro 4 that justified the cost for me to upgrade so purchasing a new Type Cover was a great option to improve my Surface experience. If you have a Surface Pro 3 and use your Type Cover a lot, I recommend seriously considering the new Type Cover. My text entry and trackpad experiences have already improved and it has only been a day.

I'm sorry to those readers who were looking for my thoughts on the Microsoft Surface Book. I'm sticking with the Surface Pro 3 and new Type Cover for now. That way I have more money to spend on phones.

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