Microsoft takes Torque Search from the wrist to Android smartphones

Microsoft continues to actively extend its Bing search capability to the Android platform, including Android Wear watches and smartphones.

I have been using Microsoft's Torque Search (Google Play Store link) on Android Wear devices for a few weeks, but it is now also available for Android smartphones.

Torque Search is a Microsoft Garage project that lets you flick your wrist, and now shake your phone, to launch voice-enabled search.

I like using it on Android Wear since it eliminates having to say "OK Google" to launch search. Sometimes Torque Search launches when I move my wrist too quickly though so it's not perfect either.

The search results are powered by Bing. You can ask about the weather, your favorite sports team, calculations, flight status, traffic, and much more. It is a free app that I recommend you try on both Android Wear smartwatches and Android smartphones.

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