Microsoft to extend .Net to Unix

Ballmer reveals plans to make Microsoft's .Net technology work with other operating systems, including Linux

Microsoft plans to port its .Net technology to competing operating systems including the upstart open source offering Linux, according to press reports Tuesday.

The software powerhouse will next Monday unveil software to allow non-Microsoft platforms to implement .Net, its technology to deliver software and applications over the Internet.

Microsoft's chief executive Steve Ballmer is reported to have revealed the move at an industry function on Tuesday.

"Do we have a way for people who host Web sites on Linux to build on [.Net]? Yes we do," Ballmer said. "That's not to say our overall strategy is not to get those Web sites over to Windows, but we will provide a way for those Linux servers to use .Net."

The decision is significant because Linux is seen by many as a threat to Microsoft, especially in the Internet server market where Linux is highly successful.

Ballmer also reportedly confirmed that Microsoft would ensure that programmers working with Java would be able to create applications that fully interoperate with .Net.

Microsoft UK was unable to confirm the plans at the time of posting.

This might sound like just another way for Microsoft to use its 900-pound-gorilla status to wipe out the competition. But Rich Castagna thinks it'll help the competition. He weighs in with some timely advice for Microsoft about Corel Linux. Go to AnchorDesk UK for the news comment.

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