Microsoft to issue 16 security updates

On Patch Tuesday next week Microsoft will issue a large number of updates, five of them critical. The Windows 10 previews are affected as well.

Microsoft has released their advance notification for the November 2014 Patch Tuesday updates. There will be a total of 16 updates issued next Tuesday, November 11, five of them rated critical.

Nearly all of the updates affect Windows. One is for Office, one for Exchange, one for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Service Pack 2. Some of the updates also affect Internet Explorer and the .NET Framework.

The two Office vulnerabilities affect Word 2007, the Word Viewer, the Office Compatibility Pack and Office 2007 IME (Japanese). Current versions of Office are not affected.

Four of the bulletins, all rated Critical, affect both the Windows Technical Preview (i.e. Windows 10) and the Windows Server Technical Preview. The updates will be available through the normal Windows Update process and Microsoft encourages users to apply them.

One of the critical vulnerabilities is unusual, in that it is listed as a Privilege Elevation bug. Such bugs are usually rated less severely. This update will be released for all versions of Windows, but some versions (Windows 7 for example) are listed as not vulnerable. For these cases Microsoft says the update "provides additional defense-in-depth hardening that does not fix any known vulnerability."

Microsoft will also release a new version of the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool and probably some as-yet undisclosed number of non-security updates to various Windows versions. It has also become popular for other companies, most prominently Adobe, to release security updates for their own products on that day.