Microsoft turns magazine into WiFi hotspot

If you ever wished your magazine was a WiFi hotspot, Microsoft has you covered.

The latest edition of Forbes might feel a little heavier to a few readers.

Microsoft equipped a limited number of magazines with a T-Mobile WiFi router, turning the magazine into a WiFi hotspot.

Why? To promote Microsoft's Office 360, which is now more cloud-based than previous Office versions.

The router gives users access to free WiFi for 15 days, with up to five devices, for three hours per charge, Engadget reports.

But while the wired magazine is an interesting concept, it does seem a bit unnecessary, as Consumerist puts it.

“I still like print magazines, but I wish that they functioned as a portable wifi hotspot,” said no one ever. ...

The four-page ad promoting cloud-based Office 365 is an exciting innovation in both advertising and e-waste.

Here's what the ad looks like:

Photo: Flickr/Titanas

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