Microsoft's Explorer Touch Mouse works on couches, carpets

Stil using a mouse pad or laptop desk? Microsoft's Explorer Touch Mouse may be your solution.

It's rare nowadays, I think, for a mouse to impress you. The latest Explorer Touch Mouse, however, somehow does. Featuring a "scroll" strip for both horizontal and vertical scrolling, the Touch Mouse allows users to navigate simply by swiping. The Magic Mouse-esque device is also hosts to a series of customizable buttons.

But what's especially interesting about the mouse is that its BlueTrack technology allows the device to work outside the confines of a hard surface. Users can actually use the mouse on softer like carpets and sofas and pant legs. And you know what that means? No more mouse pads. No more lapdesks.

As for battery life, the Explorer Touch Mouse is the fist mouse from Microsoft with an 18-month battery life. Available in black, gray, and two shades of red, the Explorer Touch Mouse will run for $49 this September.