Microsoft's Steve Ballmer rated #3 worst tech company CEO ... can you guess who is at #1 and #2?

Employee approval rating of only 35%, down from 49% only a year ago. has put together its yearly "Tech Industry Report Card" for technology CEOs, the results of which are based on ratings given to that company's CEOs by employees, and it seems that Microsoft employees don't think much of their current CEO.

How bad did he do? Very badly. Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer took the #3 spot, with an employee approval rating of only 35%, down from 49% only a year ago. He was only 7 percentage points away from the bottom.

By comparison, Apple's CEO Tim Cook was rated at 96%, Google's Larry Page rated at 92%, and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg rated at 89%. Only James J. Truchard, CEO of National Instruments, and Tom Georgens, CEO of NetApp, scored a perfect 100% employee approval rating.

So who was voted worse than Ballmer? In the #2 spot was Yahoo's CEO Timothy Morse with a rating of 31%, while Xerox's Ursula Burns took the #1 spot with a miserable 28%.

Is this likely to cause any power shift at the upper echelons of Microsoft. Unlikely. Steve Ballmer has already said that he plans to retire come 2017/2018, and it seems he is sticking to this plan.


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