Microsoft's Sway ups OneNote integration, third party data

Microsoft continues to plug away at its Sway app, which could highlight the future of Office.


Microsoft's Swap app, a key example of how the software giant is putting a productivity spin on new applications, has added OneNote images and more third party Web content options.

In a blog post, Microsoft highlighted OneNote integration as a way to incorporate ideas, documents and pictures. Content will be added to Sway without leaving the app.

Sway will also grab recent images from OneNote, which is integrated directly. Microsoft's Sway unit also added third party Web embeds Office Mix,, Mixcloud and Sway. The use case for Sway embeds in Sway would be a teacher sharing a lesson plan.

Microsoft also said it improved Sway's suggested search tools to include YouTube videos and tweets, added photo options and outlined better privacy features.

As Mary Jo Foley noted in November, Sway can serve as an Office front end and a connector to Microsoft's Azure infrastructure. Ultimately, what Microsoft discovers with Sway may wind up as Office features.