Microsoft's Windows 8 logo: Metro but not in a good way

The Windows 8 logo gives me a window, but I want to jump out of it.

Microsoft has a new logo for Windows 8 and I'm already missing the old ones. Maybe a world full of tiles can get tiresome.

The software giant has gone Metro happy. The new logo, unveiled in a Microsoft blog post, is designed to capture "bold flat colors and clean lines and shapes." That's mumbo jumbo for "hey we paid a design firm a bundle to cook up this logo that you may not like."

OK, I get that the logo should match the Windows 8 Metro format. Microsoft is tile happy. I also get that the previous Windows logos looked more like flags than Windows. Unfortunately for me the Windows 8 logo gives me a window, but I want to jump out of it.

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It. Is. Just. Too. Much. Metro. Design. For. Me. To. Handle.

The problem here is that I can't think of Microsoft's Metro theme without putting a "sexual" behind it. Metrosexuals are supposed to really care about their looks and hygiene. The Windows 8 logo looks forced and the equivalent of a pink shirt you might find your friendly neighborhood metrosexual wearing. Or as forced as a Ryan Seacrest-Steve Ballmer hug.

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