MicroStrategy simplifies business intelligence

MicroStrategy discusses a few of the trends driving companies to deploy cloud-based business intelligence solutions and what the company is doing to make BI easy and accessible to its customers.

Steve Stone, MicroStrategy SVP, Technical Operations, and his colleague, Tim Bradley, Sr. VP, Cloud Intelligence, took the time to both introduce their company and to talk about the trends they've seen that are driving companies to adopt cloud computing-based business intelligence solutions. Although I'm sure I didn't capture all of the really useful information they offered, I did get down the following points:

  • Each company's move to cloud-based BI solutions is different, but there are a number of common threads.
  • Companies need to be far more agile than in the past. They are looking for the ability to sharply reduce the time from when they first recognize a need to having a working and workable solution.
  • While making these moves, they need to find ways to mitigate the risk associated with making large capital outlays for systems, software, storage, power, communications and the like when the return on that investment is not certain.
  • Overcoming the barriers is important to everyone this includes designing and deploy large, complex computing solutions that have many "moving parts" and require products from many suppliers.

MicroStrategy has built partnerships with a larger number of hardware, software and professional services companies to bring together everything needed for a successful BI implementation and then is offering the results as a simple, cloud-based platform in the hopes of addressing these business needs.

Snapshot analysis

Companies understand that it is increasingly necessary to use computing solutions to create better business intelligence (BI), that is to have the ability to easily sift through mounds of customer contact, manufacturing, distribution, sales and other data in the hopes of increasing their operational efficiency, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales.

The development, deployment and support of BI systems can be an expensive, time consuming and complex process that requires products and services from a number of system and software suppliers. MicroStrategy has established relationships with companies such as Accenture, HP, Capgemini, Informatica, Netezza, Deloitte, ParAccel, Teradata and many more to make BI easy.

It would seem that having a partner that had already done the heavy lifting of sifting through BI hardware and software options and who was making the results of that work available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering would make useful BI solutions available to smaller companies and help larger companies quickly deploy and use BI when the need arises.

The customer examples MicroStrategy offered were quite impressive. If BI is your life, it would be worth a few minutes getting to know MicroStrategy.