Millennial Media: Android tops network ad impressions, iOS everything else

The latest ad statistics from Millennial Media demonstrate how clearly the iPad is dominating the U. S. tablet segment. Android is tops in ad impressions overall.

Mobile ad company Millennial Media's latest network figures show Android serves up more ad impressions than the nearest rival, iOS. Android also dominates the top 20 smartphone list for ad impressions, not surprising given how many Android phones are out there.

The figures show the iPad is growing by leaps and bounds, with a 456 percent growth in ad impressions year-over-year. Even more impressive, the iPad generates a solid 97 percent of all impressions by tablets in the U. S. Sounds like the iPad is where ad revenue lies, due to Android tablets inability to crack the consumer market in a big way.

Ad impressions for iOS has grown 60 percent year-over-year, fueled by both the iPad dominance in tablets and the iPhone market share. The period for these figures do not take into account the iPhone 4S only recently launched.