Mini-Hummer EV launched in the UK

Prindiville has started a trial sales run of electric pint-sized Hummer vehicles in the UK.

British coachbuilder Prindiville has launched a customizable electric vehicle (EV) as a shrunken-down Hummer.

The London-based firm's Electric Hummer is debuting with a trial run of 25 cars, carrying a price tag of just under $40,000 each. Buyers can pick between a 15 or 18-inch wheel size, and are able to choose a number of different paints and finishes -- depending on what the vehicle will be used for.

Each car also includes an LCD display dashboard and gauges showing remaining battery power. The 72V drive system vehicles are powered by a lithium-iron phosphate battery pack and are able to reach 97 kilometres per charge -- possibly due to the small size of the engine.

The Electric Hummer is 3 meters long, 1.4 meters high and has a width of 1.4 meters.

"The new model is clearly a step in the right direction and the beginning of an exciting journey which promotes individual styling preferences, fun, and an all-important sustainable lifestyle," CEO Truska Angel says.

Prindiville is known for for upgrading and customizing premium vehicles -- including Bentleys -- with carbon-fiber panels and turbochargers.

Image credit: Prindville


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