Mini spy robots assist American soldiers

Camera-equipped robots on wheels can allow soldiers to peer beyond enemy lines.

The Recon Scout XT robot is the U.S. military's newest recruit.

Built by Minneapolis-based ReconRobotics Inc., the tiny, camera-equipped robot looks like a dumbbell with two spiky wheels on either side that roll around various terrains and capture images through a tiny camera. The video image is fed to a small video screen that can be held by a soldier who also controls the movements of the robot via a joystick.

Scout XTs weigh a little more than a pound and are designed to endure 30-foot drops onto concrete. And the robots get to work the instant they hit the ground.

Discovery News reports that the Marines and the U.S. Army have ordered 1,126 Scout XTs to be shipped out this May.

Robots are becoming more and more prevalent on the battlefield. They are used to disarm roadside bombs, survey land areas from above and clear mines.

Check out this little guy in action:

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