Miniature drones act as personal air cleaners

Could small, pinecone-shaped drones prove more effective than masks if you live in highly polluted cities?


A pinecone-shaped drone could one day become the solution to health problems caused by high levels of air pollution in today's cities.

Currently in the second stage of submission at the 2014 Electrolux design competition, the purpose of the UrbanCONE, designed by Michal Pospiech of Poland's Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts, is to purify the air around an individual.

Inspired by Jellyfish, the personal drone has flaps with air filters underneath. In the project's description, the UrbanCONE aims to make our microclimate more beneficial to both mental and physical health. Pospiech adds that each drone can also be fitted with aromas tailored to the user's mood.

The drone has been designed with the possibilities of our future world in mind. Heavy manufacturing, industry and population growth are all contributing to an increase in air pollution -- China comes to mind as a major example where sometimes pollution is so bad in cities masks must be worn outside -- and unless we change our behaviour as a species, this future might not be as far away as we think. The UrbanCONE does not address the wider challenge of air pollution, but could one day become a necessity eventually for daily urban living.

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Image credit: Electrolux|Michal Pospiech

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